Prototype builds posted.

Prototype builds have been posted for Windows, macOS, and WebGL platforms.

This progress reflects my work up until the end of DESMA 171 at UCLA, for which I put together Space Dander. My goals were to:

  • Learn Unity, Houdini, and the workflow between the two.
  • Build the foundation of a network back-end for connecting multiple mobile devices with Unity, across platforms.
  • Create a game with cooperative mechanics, inspired by Loren and Rachel Carpenter's 1991 SIGGRAPH presentation.
  • Have some fun with names. (thanks Margaret) :)

The mobile interface is done in p5.js. The networking connects mobile and Unity clients using a node.js server and Socket.IO.

Future interests:

  • Play testing and integrating valuable feedback.
  • Further developing the first level, building on the variety of creatures, and expanding the music/sound design.
  • Creating a room-based networking model so that not all instances of the game are cross-talking (this might be interesting if there was any kind of synchronization).

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Mar 18, 2018

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